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Monday, June 25, 2012

Crystal View

Image by KeBear
On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 8:06 PM, Dana Hoecker <> wrote:

dear white buffalo calf woman,

a song of a crystal view
and it came true
to be an example

i was setting with my brother dale
and we were smoking and looking into crystals
i saw a snakes head and a hanging man
not understanding i said i
see a snake head ,no body
and i see your brother hanging with no head
well after i had to dispatch a snake from a dog fight and
in guilt i hung myself.

hence the picture
i was the brother

grandmother upon the hill

Wolf, Snake, Horse and Stones Healed Me

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 4:18 AM, Southern Season Song of Heaven <> wrote:
Hi Beloved Twin Deer Mother,

I had a weird experience. While I was ill this weekend I have seen a vision and it goes on... The story goes on. 

Friday the fever started. Wolf, Snake and Brown Spirit Horse came to me. I had to climb on the Horse his back. They brought me to the forest where there was a stone table. I had to lay on it.
Vision ended
Next day I was still laying on it. Snake was busy on my throat.

Vision ended
Next day 3Wolfs started to stand in defending position growling, showing their teeth, They were on my feet  On my head Brown Bear was standing also started to defend. Then all Animals around me started...

A black being came like a veil falling onto me.. But it was alive. The Animals were agressive towards it. I was not scared and opened my heart (swelling heart) and golden light went out of my heart lots of it surounding the Animals and more. It touched the black veil.
Then I saw two being laying on the stone table, not in the flesh. A golden one and a black one, they touched each other. They spiralled into each other and I  was there again on the table as Tania. After that they put lotus petals, giant ones over me so that I was in a cocoon.
A volture came to sit on top of the cocoon and ate all my flesh. A skeleton remains...

This morning when I looked at the stone table again. There was a pumping heart in it. That is all, bones and a pumping heart...
I have no idea what it means.
I just want to share.
Blessed Be

Southern Season, your Song of Heaven 
 Green child, Spiritual Embrace
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