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Monday, March 12, 2012

Grandmother Jasmine Heals the Crown, to Help All the Down (soft feathers or children)

Beloved Grandmother Jasmine (gray, yellow, blue, gray)
Blessings to you two (together). It's been more than a week since you wrote, eleven days (crystal stone), bow and praise, the day of peace (eleventh day) comes into haze, the dreaming state you embrace. I am sorry I cannot answer you quickly, like you would have liked. But it seems for you, it can be a problem for you, that others do not get back to you quickly. And I will tell you why. You see, you are a Grandmother, the gray child (soul's position), this is a female color. You are also a female (flesh body). Now this means, you are all girl. Right? Of course, but this also means, others don't see you there/here/hear. At times you are invisible to people, but you may be standing right there. Start singing at them, it's like yelling from your heart, but it has to be with song, then they will hear you get along and will hear the sounds abound, rushing from your heart, the shout out. It's their soul that hears, even if they are far away, they will still hear your call/song.

You see in our times of changing, mankind is learning to receive each other. Women are from heaven. Men are from earth. And since women are from heaven and you are also a soul child of heaven, and a female flesh body, means lots of times, people are not nice to you. They don't see you, don't recognize you or think they have to be nice. Just remember, that Grandmothers "know" what to say. The singing from your heart, this will help the arc, the flowing of others rainbow colors. We will talk more on the phone soon. Maybe this Wednesday (Tuesday my time) if I can. I will let your Mom (Grandfather Standing By Me) know. 

Learning to trust your dreams and your heart, means many tears. Just remember that it's your embrace that is all that matters. Just hug them and let them go. This will help. Just say, "Next" (who needs an hug). We are learning to wake up to heaven. And you have much power.  And learning how to use it means, trusting your sensory perceptions or feelings. This is inside what you feel, not what you see. Because what you "know", is the flow, as you are Grandmother Dreamspace. This means, we all live inside of you, like the wind (blue waters). Just to let you know, there are lots and lots of Grandmothers, so you don't have to do this job all by yourself.

Now about your dreaming... 
You will be gm: Grandmother Jasmine  and I will be cw: White Buffalo Calf Woman 

gm: I had to get a magic chilli for a Princess. 

cw: Magic is from our hearts, it's the faith that moves mountains. And chili is a pepper, that spices up life. And it helps the river inside our blood move more freely. Cleansing brings relief. You feel better. When you first look at a chili pepper, you notice they are green and ripened it's red. 

Grandmother's gray color is actually red-green. You can't mix these two colors and get gray, but it's more like, the position, because it's between red and green. Red represents the red road, where all of the rainbow colors exist together. We walk the red road, where law of love chooses our paths. If we don't love, the law of love forces us to repeat the lesson, until we do know love. That doesn't mean, we can make them use love. All we can make anyone do, is a sacred blessings, since this is the law.  Grandmothers teach us children of the earth to pray for all things in the world to know love and receive treasures rather than always getting the same lesson, but lessons help us learn about the world. Also green, is representative of the green grass. Grass is the vision of new beginnings, the seed that sprouts, as well as the shore of a new place, including the heart of a new friend (helper) or relative (true blue). In fact, hoop 5 is called Grandmothers of the Green Grass

Now, one more color yellow, because chili peppers also turn yellow. This color is the inbetween color, which means the dreaming. Yellow is a great light, the sun that shines from within. In fact you have this rainbow color overlay as well, yellow. Yellow is the dreamer. Grandmother is the embrace of all dreams and is dream space, where all dreams happen within you.  This is often referred to as a dream catcher, we know as Grandmother.  The weaving of a spider web shows us how the dream is arranged. And each opening is a door way (represented by crystal color) into the next dream phase. Here is an image.

gm: I had to get a magic chili for a Princess.

cw: A princess is a daughter of a king, meaning, of great beauty (inside and out). She would wear a crown. Those who wear crowns (some lavenders and overlay, some reds and overlay, all crystals, no overlays) mean, they belong to the people, not to themselves. And what happens to them, is what happens to the village or clan or in our (Holiness David Running Eagle and I) case the world. You see, things blow in the wind. And in this wind is much knowledge, communication and just everything (dreaming together) as you know Grandmother Jasmine. Just say "Know, instead of no".  This will help your road, to speak to the grandchildren of the gold (new dawning of brotherhood).

cw: Sow, faith will move us towards the flow, to bring cleansing as a part of what we know. And kings and daughters alike, they will be known for all this life. Man and village needs a call, to shoulder the wake up call. It's hot in here, the chili shows no fear, let rush in and show them true, it's faith that gets us through.

cw: You get a magic chili for the princess to help her, to heal the world. She is the unseen child, who holds/embraces.

gm: The chili was kept by a log person (made out of old wood) When I got to the log man, I had to tell him who I was and my details eg, why I needed the chilli, how old I was etc. 

cw: Wood is the law of love. In the tree of life (just like any tree), the leaves look upwards for light, to touch the sky (red road, light or color, earth). The roots look down for the darkness to touch the water (blue road, sound or validation's echo/sonar, heaven). The trunk of the tree binds together with the law of love, to heaven and earth. We do our forgiveness blessings on (real) paper (from wood) because it represents the law of love. In your dream, the log person is old, this means has wisdom of how to conceive and distribute love to the world. He is able to gift to you good advice, because he is representative on the law, LOVE, which binds all things together.

gm: I said 'I need the chilli for Princess Bubblegum, because her friends are not well!!' 

cw: You are needing the chili to cleanse Princess Bubblegum (orb as all things are orbs and elliptical paths or hoops). Since she is cleansing the world, as all crowns do, then Grandmother Jasmine needs to cleanse the cleaner or the crowned one. The law of love, the wisdom gifted by the old log man will help you cleanse Princess Bubblegum. Since Princess Bubblegum is helping all the people, including her friends, people forget to help the crowned ones. But Grandmother always remembers. Thank you Grandmother for seeking comfort and relief to those who many miss, yet seek out, to cleanse themselves. The day is changing for the betterment of mankind, but for now, Grandmother are always kind, because they see through the eyes of all the grandchildren, even the blind.

gm: So he said 'I will give it to you because Princess Bubblegum is my friend.' 

cw: Princess Bubblegum is friend to all, even the devoted relative who falls, because she will help the entire world. And the chili is a quick way to cleanse the crowned one. Of course the Log Man will help, because LOVE rules the world. And movement cleanses the filling, inside our hearts, where others don't dare look in, Grandmother helps us swim (inside the deep dark blue of heavenly ways, virtues needed on these daze, Grandmother dream-space).

gm: So I got the chilli and went back to where Princess Bubblegum was. 

cw: People including Grandmothers must go to the crowned ones. This is the only way to help them, because helping them, means helping one self. Crowned ones show the world, about their impurities and since many don't want to look, it takes loving hearts to cook (put us all together in one place). Unity is where we must stay. Grandmother teaches the way, walk towards the Crowns, bow down and gift your sound, because the crowns will help lead the waves (sound and color).

Kebear Image, golden child
gm: When I got there, I saw a beast (hairy dog) trying to capture Princess Bubblegum

cw:  A hairy dog is one who can receive, as our hair is an antennae to God's wisdom. however you saw a beast, not loving but wanting to have and hold the Princess. Many want to have and hold, all for themselves, but the crowned ones belong to the world, not to one, but to all of the rainbow clan.  When we call for help in the wind, often it's Great Spirit Mother who comes to us. She leaves us a warrior or dog solider. When she leaves, this warrior is pure of heart, but the person who receives may not be, and does not cleanse, so over time, the dog warrior (hairy dog) turns into a beast, protecting you, without love, because he had lost his way, because no one gifted any direction (commanding your warriors) or any love. He only learns to protect and forgets to protect with love. This beast wanted for himself and did not want to share. This is why you wanted to help the Princess Bubblegum, because since we are all orbs of light, we need our crowned ones to heal the world. All of us together.

gm: So I used the magic chilli and made him disappear. 

cw: And with the magic chili, the cleansing healed the space. Cleansed the crowned one (Princess Bubble gum) and then she was able to heal the hairy beast. Together, Grandmother, Princess Bubblegum and the Hairy Beast (dog solider or warrior) were all cleansed. Because love ruled the waves, all was saved. Complete cleansing occurs, when the being is ready to be reborn anew, to start over to begin fresh, into a new existence. This is what the world is doing now, cleansing and transforming. We must be diligent in our efforts to cleanse each other, to bring home the impure and to start anew, through the purification of LOVE, the law that rules over the entire dreamspace, seen and unseen.

gm: Then I gave Princess Bubblegum the magic chilli, and she had to eat it to become magic. So she could heal all her friends by saying 'whenever you are not well, come to me and I will heal you'

cw: In this dream, you are holding those who feel the world (crowned ones), live for others and heal them. If you heal them, then all the world can get healed. Yes, this is Grandmother Jasmine, the sweetness of a flower blooms, to make our hearts go zoom, fly free. Grandmother prayed for me (one of the crowns, a crystal child). Yippy. You are the magical vein of gold, helping everyone find their gold, the heart within that needs to sing, just listen to Grandmother told (her dreams will tell, the story that is near).

I want you to know, Chile/chilly (chilli) is cold like heaven, because it's sound, water, rings.  Color fire rings are hot.  But together, fire and water makes a place or a garden, the sacred smoke, clouds and stars that are seen, depend on togetherness. Yet, heaven rules all waves. 

Thank you for sharing your heart. Now we are all getting smart, or willing to sting, to bring love inside to help our wings. We are learning to fly with our souls once again.

Over the rainbow we flow, to where our dreams take us to cho (Korean Name Cho, Chinese spelling Zhao, meaning a beautiful butterfly. This helps our spirits flow, up and up we go!), choo choo train (Grandmother pulls us all to have fun). All aboard, that's the way to grow.

Your devoted servant and grandchild,
elder crystal child, iyeshka or interpreter
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 Grandmother Jasmine wrote:

Blessings White Buffalo Calf Woman,
Could you please tell me what this dream means? I haven't been having dreams that I can remember but this one stuck in my head.

I had to get a magic chilli for a Princess. The chilli was kept by a log person (made out of old wood) When I got to the log man, I had to tell him who I was and my details eg, why I needed the chilli, how old I was etc. I said 'I need the chilli for Princess Bubblegum, because her friends are not well!!' So he said 'I will give it to you because Princess Bubblegum is my friend.' So I got the chilli and went back to where Princess Bubblegum was. When I got there, I saw a beast (hairy dog) trying to capture Princess BubblegumSo I used the magic chilli and made him disappear. Then I gave Princess Bubblegum the magic chilli, and she had to eat it to become magic. So she could heal all her friends by saying 'whenever you are not well, come to me and I will heal you'

Thank you 
Love from Grandmother Jasmine

Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE, then when two hearts are united, we share with intelligence. However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of every one. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood)!

Visit to know more. Sanctuary space for children who learn to command the spiritual soul. Blessing the sacred nine directions, with fire and water. Aho, may your spirit flow!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
GrandmotherJasmine Greetings to all my Grandchildren of the sea. My heart feels and is out for thee. Come close and I will embrace thee, to share a story or two with thee. It's time now to learn a new way, to gather together and know of waves, the rainbow colors we are destine to be, one family, one clan, the Rainbow you sea (envision a new world together)

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