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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind Dreams

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind's Dream
It's the only thing that relieves the spinning tornado. in tunes with the spinning river. spinning and flying on tsunami of japan. I was helping people in my dream, no one else in my family, by myself with a group of people, all seem to go to a safe place. I knew we were being followed, helping others be in a safe place, kind of a city, inside a building, suddenly on the roof tops, these dark figures, ninja like, that were following us, edge of roof top and roof tops, cat walks move to building to building, that's what we were doing. people in black from behind, hurry everyone, I went off the edge and levitating, more afraid of me than the people following, I started blessings, did a spin, wobbly at first, got people off the building, don't remember the actual sequence, there was an earthquake, inside the building, see it kind of like a wave go past us, went outside the building, remembering going down, somehow, on a water front on a ocean, some of the places in Hawaii, locals would hang out, people sitting talking to chat, getting them to leave a tsunami , trying to get them to leave, but they ignored you. suddenly in a room. the place where I was didn't seem like an island like, suddenly ocean thing, people felt, laid back, no problem, moving fine, it was weird and it didn't seem to belong in the same place. then I am trying to catch up with the group of people and in the room, immediately door shuts behind me, don't know if they are going to captured me, I knew I had been corralled, I called on great spirits and levitated, you and Jesus too. I started to spin, It was like so fast, like a skater on the ice. and sparks of light started to fly off of me as I spun. then I woke up and immediately thought, japan and Hawaii, as the dream and they were for Hawaii. Strange. Black guards surrounding me, then I lifted off the ground spinning.I started to bless them, I started to spin and all the way around.


Nicky's dream a golden child about tornadoes

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