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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Feast of Fowl

On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 2:25 PM, Grandmother Upon the Hill <> wrote:
dear white buffalo calf woman,

an event will occur that identifies
the abomination of desolation
where it should not be
it was announced from the great chief
for the votes
legalized gay marriage
this calls the feast of fowl
but you knew that as well

there is little left to do but
keep the first commandment
which is the sin abandoned
we forgot to love life
the angels from beyond
they remind us too
return to your first love
that is held against most of us
first love forgotten

the hills call me
the trees call me
the river jordan call me
the call of the wild
is this my punishment
to live wild for seven years
after seven years scribing?

i know fifteen year extension
saw it in a vision
seven about done

perhaps it is a blessing
that would let me see
 the fruit of my labor
where the seeds can be sown
the vegetables and fruit and
the  trees bearing their gifts
so those who find their way
the same may come freely eat
and the water is deep and clear
year round it flows forth
free to drink from this fountain
it is mans gift to receive
the one place that will be
and was and still is sacred
it is our home

some things are bigger than one man can handle
sometimes they receive help from woman
sometimes they shrink the situation down to size
and go forth alone to slay the beast
with a sharp blade of truth
keeping the women safe from harm unawares

a  life was ransomed before time
the reminder for all time to come
when we get lost the shepherd has
to come and rescue the little lambs
and take the place there of care
until the lamb is returned home

love  even still
grandmother upon the hill

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