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Friday, January 6, 2012

Inside and Outside the Castle, the Stairs Dream, Evolution Brings

On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 10:10 AM, Charlene Cordova <> wrote:

Aho White Buffalo Calf Woman,

Thank you for the beautiful blog posting!

It's neat that you used the picture of the stairs. (what do they mean?) It's interesting because i remember a dream i had ( a while back) where i was sitting on this giant goldenish color step and i was looking down and i couldn't see the bottom and the right behind me was the sky, i couldn't see the top of the stairs. If you can picture a small child sitting in an over sized chair, like a recliner; that's the equivalent of how big the stairs were compared to me.

Stair Dream
I think when i had that dream (though i think the stair dream i may have had more than once), either way, i think right after i had the stair dream is when i had the castle dream. And White Buffalo Calf Woman and i talked about sharing this castle dream before in one of our phone conversations, so i think this is the perfect opportunity to share it with you.

thomas-kinkade painting
Castle Dream
It starts out on the inside, and ends on the outside.  In this dream, it's like I'm dead or something, watching what happened before i died. I didn't realize this at the beginning of the dream, but that's what i thought by the end, maybe you can interpret this for me beloved Twin Deer Mother But I'm watching myself, following along.  I can't hear anything, even when i see myself talk or anyone else, i can't hear any sound, and it's like I'm floating above and watching, yet, it's myself when i am younger that i am watching.

Inside the castle
I'm pretty young in this dream, maybe 10 or something.   It starts with me walking into this little spot and shutting the door, plopping down with my coloring page and crayon. I'm not happy. It's just a small room, almost like a cubby hole, but it looks like i just want to be anywhere where no one will bother me. That's what i feel anyway. I don't know if i was still being bothered or what, but the next thing i see is that i'm walking down a hall (this hall isn't real nice, lots of paint peeling, looks like it's cement walls), the room at the beginning is burgundy or maroonish color, anyway, in this hall i find a place in front of a closed door and sit down in the hall and start coloring again. I'm pretty content because i am by myself.

Ok, I'm coloring when i hear something, (have no idea what i heard, it seems like someone is talking or something).  You know when you hear something that you weren't expecting and it makes you jerk your head in that direction? That's how this was, when i jerked my head behind to see what i heard, as i said, no sound, so i don't know what, if anything i heard. Back to coloring. 

I guess i hear it again and my head jerks behind me again. When i go back to coloring this time,  i have an excited look on my face, waiting to see if i hear it again. It's funny, the look i have on my face because it almost looks like i'm thinking " Oh my gosh. This is weird, yet funny. and i feel like i'm clever, like i'm the one tricking them."
Anyway, i go back to coloring and sure enough, i must've heard it again and this time i throw the crayon down and take off running to go look for them. I'm running throughout the halls trying to find them, ( i stop at every door that's open and yell something inside, then keep on going.) I'm running like crazy looking for them down all different halls, when all of the sudden, i run around a corner and it makes me stop, and I'm not smiling anymore. 

( i feel like i suddenly got older here, when i see myself, i look like a teenager, maybe 12)  I am going down some stairs and as I'm going down, I'm kinda looking up like I'm looking at  the ceiling as I'm walking down the stairs. There are only about 4 stairs, and I'm walking down a cement hall.(it has yellowish colored paint, old, not bright, yucky feeling blotched here and there. I am not smiling anymore, and i don't like it down here, i don't like the way it feels. The walls are cement. without paint. I can't see any details or hear anything. I remember wanting to walk fast down that hall and hoping i would get through there fast). I remember getting through that hallway and just being glad to be out.
Now I'm going down a different hall that I've never seen before, and I'm walking down it, there's a window that looks outside at the start of this hallway I'm walking down and it feels different, like it's a normal house window frame, it has wood around the window where you can open and close it. (before throughout the rest of the hallways, any 'windows' and 'door openings' were just open holes, like they were all cut in the cement to make a frame, not regular looking). Anyway I'm walking down these different halls, and they keep dead ending and going different ways. I'm not scared, just awed and curious and lost.

Then, the next thing i know, there's a gray haired older, plump lady that tells me to follow her, to come along, with no words still. She is showing me down the different halls and it feels like we go down different levels, and i remember feeling like we were going down to wherever she was taking me. She talks the whole way and is smiling and nice to be around. Oh and some of the passageways we go through curve around, it's kind of fun walking down them.
As we're walking by each room, she's pointing at each entrance, looks like she's telling me what this room is and where this goes, etc. and the way she's walking is neat, she has a flowing kind of air about her and the way she shows me each place, is grand-like (she will turn her palm face up on her hand and make her arm move with a swoosh-kind-of movement. Kind of like when someone is showing someone of royalty where they'll be staying and making it look and sound divine). ya know. 

Anyway, we get to a hall, and it feels like to me, that we're at the very top floor of the castle. (which i find very interesting since at times it felt like we were walking down not up. There's lots of outside light coming in from the windows and she opens this door (maybe even a double door, i can't remember, but it leads into a huge room that almost looks like an outdoor room inside.) Anyway, this room she is very proud to show me, she opens the doors (yes, they were double doors) with great expectation on her face and i get the feeling she is saying this is yours. Or this is where you'll be staying. I don't know, as i said, no sound. But i could just feel and see that on her face. I was excited to go in. It felt so awesome, it was so comfortable and so "me". I loved it! It was outside and inside at the same time! I was so excited. There was even some vines, or grass growing here and there. I couldn't get over how it was perfect for me.

Then it goes to a completely different part of the dream, like before the hallway, or maybe it's after that. i am not sure but in this part i know where i am, i feel myself as separate from my young self in the dream and  I am distinctly hovering, floating in the top corner of a hallway. When i look forward, there are two glass doors that go outside, it reminds me of a hospital hallway, or for some reason a school hall; it is a pretty long hall, but not like the castle halls. And just ahead and to the left of me, is a room with a door that is open. This is what i am watching.

Anyway, i am looking down at myself (my younger self) i even look younger than i did before, i only look like i'm 4 or 5 here, and i have run into a room that has a big, 4 corner post bed in it. It's almost like before, like i'm trying to find whoever it is that's hiding from me. I'm playing and laughing while i am looking for them. There is a nightstand by the bed and a closet door to the left and on the right side of the room, by the bed, there's another door, i would automatically think it is a bathroom. Well, i'm watching myself run in that room, looks like i'm asking 'where are you'. i'm smiling at this fun game, i run up to the bed (which is a royal red color with gold trim on it, perfectly made. and the posts on the bed are gold also). Anyway, i run and lift up the bottom of the bedspread, then get down on my knees so i can see if they're under the bed. Then i run to the door on the left and open it and it's just a closet, but there's some clothes in there, looks like guys clothes, At this point, for some reason i (the young me) starts frowning a little, got a funny feeling. The me that's above, floating outside the room watching, is very very sad and dreadful. i (the one floating) start looking frantically from the room to the doors that go outside. Because the young me is about to go into the other door. Now, i am close to the young me again, where i can feel what she's feeling, and she is walking slower to the door than before. She is hesitating about going in. Then when she gets to the door, she puts her hand on the doorknob and gets a grip, then lets go real fast. She looks around, then she grabs the doorknob again and it's almost like she got confirmation, or the ok, to go in, because i can see her let out her breath and start smiling, then she opens the door and goes in and i am immediately outside in the hall again at the top looking down and i have tremendous sadness, and i am looking at the glass doors thinking, they were just right there. And outside is some kind of brick building, like a post office or government building and i was shaking my head thinking, they could've saved her.

Now, i'm back inside the castle, the part i know. I am flying, not fast, regular walking speed,but above the floors by the ceiling ( actually, it would be just above an average person's head level) and i'm following a lady (distinguished looking, elegant) down a hall, she is talking to two men ( i think, can't really 'see' them but know they are there, they're not important, they're not the ones i'm following), I almost have a sad feeling, can't really describe it. I still can't hear anything. She is discussing something with them and they are walking down a part of the castle that is a 'jade' color. She leads them to a room (everything is solid jade color) no decorations that i remember, well something on the outside wall of the room, but i can't remember what. The room looks like the center of something, like the center of that floor, reminds me of  a meeting room or some kind of important room. She is  pointing into the room, looks like she's telling them where they can sit and where they can't. Or it has divisions in it or something. She doesn't even know i'm there. (This room has columns, like all around it at least, in the front back part, like that's the openings of it. I know for sure the columns make the doorway where they are standing. Anyway, i watch for a minute and it seems like i get real close to her, she looks almost right at me, she gets this funny look on her face, looks at the two men like did you see that, or did you feel that? They look in the direction she was looking and say no. (i think they are two jewish men) So then she kind of shakes it off and goes back to talking, Though she's still confused looking and looks like she got chills. Ok, then i'm gone. 

thomas-kinkade painting
Outside of the castle 

Ok, the next thing i see is me, Brittany Nicole (my oldest daughter), Melissa Rae (my middle daughter) and Amber Leann (my youngest daughter) [Spirit had me put their middle names down, lol but for real :) ] We're walking through the castle, there are still no sounds, i am smiling, happy, not a worry in the world, but the girls are kind of scared, they don't understand where we are, but they trust me. They just want to figure out what this place is. :) i have the feeling we are being led by a small, older man, gray rumpled hair (yet, i never see him, but know he is leading us and i know what he looks like and how he is feeling. He's kind of a grumpy old man, just wants to show us our way and go on about his business). ;p 

I keep reassuring the girls by smiling and i'm telling them it's ok, but we aren't talking. They believe me, but still want to know where we're going.
Ok, the dream goes straight to me in this room, looking outside a window, leaning outside the window, (the castle walls are white stone, almost looks like really large stucco would look) and around my window (and all over the other windows and on lining of castle) are pink roses, or some kind of pink flowers, none of them little, all about the size of roses and carnations. Anyway, they are all different shades of pink and i am smiling, picking some of the flowers to smell, and watching the little man getting the girls seated. Let me tell you about this, i'll never forget this.

Ok, they are outside of the castle, on this railing thing that has square box things for seats, maybe even wood seats. They look old and not sturdy at all. But i wasn't worried about them. The rails were gold. It was almost like a a roller coaster, but not made for fun like that. It was made to get to different places in the castle. Anyway, they are being seated, he's showing them how to buckle in, and we are so high up, i can't tell if we're floating or just that high up over the ground. I'm looking down(so full of peace and not any care in the world, no worry about where they are going or anything) And i can see all the windows below me, all surrounded/lined with the pink flowers.  

On the ground below is green green grass and i remember there were flowers and plants i've never seen before, Can't describe them, i just know no one has ever seen them before. And there are 2 (at least ) streams or rivers, or maybe a moat, probably some sort of moat because i know it goes around the whole castle. (i actually think there are both. The moat and rivers outside of the castle grounds).  Oh, and i don't know how the rails were being supported, it was like they were just suspended magically in the air and they went completely around the castle, the girls went for a little ways, just to get the feel of it, i think i thought that's what they were doing and the whole time i am just smiling, playing with the roses, knowing they are ok and with me. 

And the girls don't have that feeling of peace yet, well, i guess they went around the castle or something, because they were back by my window. They seem more relaxed now, and amber didn't buckle in right or something or misjudged her distance between me and her and she went to get up and come in my window, but she slipped when she was standing up, and she started falling to the ground, Brittany and Melissa went to reach for her and without sound, they were saying "Mama! Amber's falling".(something like that) I smile and wave off their words, and i say, without words, she's fine, don't worry about it. And i'm watching her fall, she's got her eyes open wide, like, uh oh, but she doesn't look scared and somehow, i'm in my window and right beside her at the same time. 

The fall is interesting also, she kind of floats down, like a floating fall, because she's still like flipping as she goes down, but it's not fast like if you jumped off a building and went down, but faster than just floating down like a balloon would.
Anyway, she got to the bottom, to the ground and kind of bounced stopped. (She bounced along in a straight line, lol it was funny, kind of like watching a cartoon)  When she landed on her little butt, she bounced a few times(hop-hop-hop) and ended up in some tall, thick grass that you couldn't see into.

I was telling the girls, don't worry about it, she's fine, and they were just hanging off the sides of their seats looking down, they were curious, in a fun way now. They kept giggling and looking at each other. They weren't scared anymore. I was back at my window, same as before, and the little man was down in the grass looking for Amber, He found her and was bringing her back up, she was smiling like she had something incredible she wanted to tell me (the little man was not amused) and right when he was about to be there with her, i woke up,
And i woke up in amazement, That was one of the neatest dreams i've ever had.  And that's my castle dream.
But i tell you, i will never in my life forget the euphoric feeling i had there. It was amazing and joyful. 

Love and Blessings,
Thunder Woman your Princess of Dawning
violet child, rainbow warrior of prophecy

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