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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mud Dream

Mud Dream

One of the dreams this night was about trying to get out of the mud. The stairs out of what could’ve been on a pool were slanted in a way that made it difficult to get out. (narrow to wide) Once I had pulled myself up on the stairs, I had to use a lot of muscle to get up onto them, ‘someone’ tried to push me back into the mud…but I fought valiantly back and managed to get myself out. I then turned and helped others out.

My dreams for the past few days seem to be broken up and disorderly. Though there are parts of them that stay really clear in my mind like the part above. It is as if the important parts that are relevant to my situation NOW come through more easily.

I look forward to reading other peoples dreams.

I bow and bless the sacred nine directions and send love and hugs to all my Relatives


Love and Light

Grandfather Helen

White/Star Child

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